The Story


Dear overland and adventure traveller, join me on my Full Circle journey.

The vision is to create the awareness that overlanding should be accessible, safe and sustainable.  Full Circle aims to inspire adventure travellers to fulfil their bucket list and to get going; to explore life beyond the routine, fulfil dreams and discover the magic on the road less travelled. Full Circle embraces the words of Helen Keller that life should be “a daring adventure”.


The mode of travel for this self-supported adventure is an expedition-outfitted 4x4 vehicle prepared for the conditions of the varied terrain and off-the-grid wild camping.


At Full Circle I share insights, tips and stories about the people I have encountered and will still encounter; the lessons I have learnt and the experiences that have influenced me. I travel in the hope that these stories will inspire other fellow overland and adventure travellers to explore further.


The wish would be that as guardians of the land we safeguard and conserve it for the future, unlocking a new respect for Africa and its people.


A sense of humour, the right attitude, patience and lust for adventure are essential items to pack!


In a nutshell preparation is key, less is more. Always question if the item is essential to ensure safety, security and reliability and identify the gaps in your experience and knowledge as part of your preparation phase. It’s never to late to start!